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Antoinette De Jong
& Robert Knoth

Contemporary visual storytelling and documentary

Photography, video, radio, writing, online-documentary, multimedia installations, book publications. In recent years we have taken a more autonomous and contemporary direction in our artistic practice. We often choose a personal approach to show the layered complexity of social, economic or political issues and the impact on the lives of ordinary people.

Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong are based in Amsterdam

Tree and Soil

In Tree and Soil we documented the deserted landscapes, forests, agricultural fields and villages around Fukushima, Japan

Antoinette de Jong
Robert Knoth
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Paul Loomis
American Suburb X

"Poppy works a kind of magic. It is not a news report or a compilation. Rather, the authors tell a complex story, and their insight, gained from decades of traveling opium’s routes, enables us to glimpse the poppy economy and its causes in surprising detail. Immerse yourself in this book and you will emerge believing the world to be a very different place than it was before Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong led you on Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin." (rated 9.5)

robert knoth review
Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

"This project catapults us with full force in the globalized presence, it is a class of its own, very modern in shape, very relevant in content, very thorough in the handling of this theme, this is a brilliant book."

robert knoth review
Conscientious blog

"Poppy: Trails of Afghan heroin is an epic tale ... the writing is engrossing and addictive ... with its very smart presentation and the quality of the photography and the writing, this book is setting a new benchmark ... highly recommended."