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Poppy Interactive

poppy afghan heroin

A protracted investigation spanning over 20 years into the nexus between drugs, war and organized crime. It combines analysis and facts with intimate personal stories discovered on three international drug-trafficking routes. The user is invited to unravel an impressive and elusive global network of insurgents and terrorists, drug cartels and other criminal organizations. We see families who grow the poppies, heroin addicts in prison in Kyrgyzstan, a downed plane full of cocaine in Mali, luxury villas in Dubai and more.

Currents of images and story-line are presented, sometimes evocative or metaphorical, and at times switching to more descriptive elements. This provides a kaleidoscopic impression, illustrating the chaos, urgency and elusiveness of what takes place along the routes. For the audience it evokes a sense of being submerged into multi-layered or parallel worlds where different events and developments are related and interconnected, forcing viewers to reposition themselves again and again.

Directors: Antoinette de Jong & Robert Knoth
Producers: Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
Creative producer: Michel Reilhac
Interactive producer: Corine Meijers
Interface design: Christiaan De Rooij
Web development: Aart Jan van der Linden
Editing: Peter Claassen
Sound design: Frank van der Weij, Jelle van Osenbruggen
Impact Producer: Yassin Karmoudi
Editor teasers & video introduction: Maurik de Ridder
Production assistance: Davide Banis, Marlieke Hoepman:
Development: Hans Dortmans, Menno Otten, Fabie Hulzebos, Yaniv Wolf, Dagan Cohen, Wieke Kapteijns
English corrections: Judith Kingston
Stills: AIR COCAINE: Serge Daniel / AFP / Getty Images
COCAINEVILLE: Copyright: © Francesca Tosarelli

poppy interactive

Patricia Aufderheide, Immers Magazine
"One of the most interesting projects I saw at IDFA ... visit it online and get an Xray of today’s head-lines. This is journalism adding up to a bigger picture over the years."

Nominated for for the IDFA Doclab Digital Storytelling Award 2017

Honourable mention Prix Ars Electronica 2018

Nominated for best online projects Prix Europa 2018